Apr 19, 2009

Announcement of rubytest.vim: a vim plugin aims to help you run ruby test conveniently

Rubytest.vim is a vim (http://www.vim.org) plugin, which helps you to run ruby test (including vanilla test, rspec, shoulda etc.) in vim.



Copy all files to your ~/.vim directory.


After installation, press t will run the test under your cursor if you are editing a ruby test file.


$ cd
$ vim test/unit/user_test.rb
(move cursor into a test case, press t)

( is mapping to '\' by default in vim)

You can customize the command which will be used to run the test case by settting these options in your vimrc file:

let g:rubytest_cmd_test = "ruby %p"
let g:rubytest_cmd_testcase = "ruby %p -n '/%c/'"
let g:rubytest_cmd_spec = "spec -f specdoc %p"
let g:rubytest_cmd_example = "spec -f specdoc %p -e '%c'"

(%p will be replaced by the path of test file, %c will be replaced by the name of test case under cursor)

Default Key Bindings

t: run test case under cursor
T: run all tests in file

You can change default key bindings:

map \ RubyTestRun " change from t to \
map ] RubyFileRun " change from T to ]


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