Mar 25, 2010

GoF's refactoring draft of the old 23 design patterns

* Interpreter and Flyweight should be moved into a separate category that we referred to as "Other/Compound" since they really are different beasts than the other patterns. Factory Method would be generalized to Factory.

* The categories are: Core, Creational, Peripheral and Other. The intent here is to emphasize the important patterns and to separate them from the less frequently used ones.

* The new members are: Null Object, Type Object, Dependency Injection, and Extension Object/Interface (see "Extension Object" in Pattern Languages of Program Design 3, Addison- Wesley, 1997).

* These were the categories:
  + Core: Composite, Strategy, State, Command, Iterator, Proxy, Template Method, Facade
  + Creational: Factory, Prototype, Builder, Dependency Injection
  + Peripheral: Abstract Factory, Visitor, Decorator, Mediator, Type Object, Null Object, Extension Object
  + Other: Flyweight, Interpreter


Mar 10, 2010

[ANN] Rubytest.vim 1.0.0 Released

Rubytest.vim is a vim ( plugin, which helps you to run tests/specs/features in vim, in order to accelerate your red-green development circle.

Within this realease, rubytest.vim supports almost all popular TDD/BDD frameworks in ruby community: testunit, rspec, shoulda, cucumber ...

Happy hacking!


* Support cucumber features
* Support rspec drb mode
* Serveral bug fixes

Get it here: